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All About Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems

heating repairsThe Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems is useful in spaces that aren’t connected to central cooling or heating systems. They provide comfortable cooling and heating in homes or commercial properties that are minimally invasive to the building’s construction.

With the Ductless Mini Split System, you can control the air in a single zone using one indoor unit, an outdoor unit, and a remote control. The hook-up between the two units (indoor & outdoor) normally requires only a small 3 inch hole drilled through an exterior wall.

With these systems, you have a great option for adding on whenever and wherever needed in the future. They make a great retrofit add on to houses with non-ducted systems, such as hydronic (hot water heat), radiant panels, and space heaters.

Many times when remodeling or restoring a home, today’s advanced solutions for air conditioning and heating offer you better options than traditional HVAC systems. Every year, new technologies are discovered and used in manufacturing, which means every year you’ll have better and better performing equipment to choose from to accomplish your heating and cooling needs.

Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems definitely have advantages over traditional heat and air systems. They’re smaller units meant to control air temperature in specific areas or zones of the home or commercial building.

Properly placed, this can eliminate hot spots which are areas or rooms that aren’t getting cooled like the rest of the space is. Hot spots can occur due to several reasons including too much direct sunlight in the area or an air conditioning system with ductwork that’s improperly designed to handle the space right.

The Ductless Mini Split System avoids the energy losses you’d have with the ductwork of a central forced air system. Air systems with ducting lose more than 30% of your energy during operation. With the ductless system, all that energy is saved.

When you compare the mini splits with other add on systems, you’ll see much more flexibility with the interior design. These air handlers can be mounted flush into a drop ceiling, hung on a wall, or suspended. Floor models are also available. Many styles come with attractive, sleek sleeves or high tech looking jackets.

Remote control units and modern on board thermostats make life even easier, offering ways to control specific air zones at the touch of a button or on a scheduled routine.

It’s important that the Mini Split Air System is properly installed and that the layout is planned well if you’re installing more than one. Your local, Long Island HVAC Contractors at Lyons Air Conditioning and Heating Inc., can evaluate your current system and offer you the right design to properly take care of your air controlled indoor climate. Enjoy cooler, more energy efficient air conditioning with the Mini Split Air Systems from Lyons Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.!

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