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High Energy Bill In Long Island? It Could Be The Ductwork

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High energy bills are a problem for everyone, especially when they shouldn’t be that high for the size of home being heated. The problem could be something really simple like the ductwork. Has it been a while since you’ve had a Long Island HVAC contractor inspect the ductwork in your home? Have you been up to the attic or in the crawlspaces of your home to take a look yourself?

Air ducts will sometimes leak at the joints if they are not properly wrapped. There can also be problems with rodents in the attic or floor cavities that have chewed through the duct system. Sometimes a joint comes loose if something stored in the attic falls or gets pushed against it. And then sometimes the problem has been going on a long time because the ductwork was never installed correctly.

Why Worry About The Ductwork?

The ductwork in a home is used to deliver the treated air from the HVAC system. A gas furnace or boiler is also vented to the outside so CO2 doesn’t get released into the air inside the house. If the ductwork and ventilation system leaks, any treated air that leaks from the ductwork won’t be delivered into the home. This wastes energy but it also makes the heating system run constantly to try to regulate the temperature. And you sure don’t want poisonous gas leaking into your home.

The ductwork and ventilation system must be properly sealed at all connections. The air ducts should be wrapped with insulation which should also be sealed so that no air escapes at all.

When installed or repaired correctly, the home will be more comfortable and there won’t be any energy wastage through the ductwork. Also, dust and other contaminants from the attic won’t come in through cracks or loose connections in the duct system and then get blown into the home.

The furnace or boiler vents should be regularly checked where they project through the roof to make sure that no leaks are happening there.

Signs That You Need Ductwork Repairs Now

Here are some common problems with heating systems that indicate ductwork failure.

  • Inconsistent temperatures in the home
  • High energy bills
  • Airflow through various vents is inconsistent
  • Ductwork older than 15 years
  • Visibly damaged

Ductwork Maintenance Improves Energy Efficiency

To obtain maximum energy efficiency, your heating system should be functioning at its best all season. This means that the equipment needs to be tuned up and maintained when and where necessary. Part of any maintenance should include inspecting and repairing the ductwork. Don’t let your Long Island HVAC contractor neglect this vital part of your comfort system.

By making sure that the furnace or boiler is able to produce reliable heat, you improve the energy efficiency and functionality of the equipment. Call Lyons Air Conditioning & Heating for more information!

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