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Furnace Repairs – DIY vs the Pros

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Long Island Furnace RepairAs the chilly weather starts to move in you finally start to think about those furnace repairs you need. Obviously, the longer you put it off the higher the risk you are not going to have the heat you and your family need once the downright cold Long Island winter sets in. Even if you only think you need minor repairs, you could put too much strain on your system and cause major damage.

In fact, this is one of the leading causes of ending up with a complete furnace breakdown. And needing emergency furnace work in the middle of a winter storm on a holiday weekend is no place any family wants to be. So, you need to think about getting those minor fixes taken care of ASAP.

The DIY Inspection

It is always a better idea to let a trained expert look your system over. There are just some things only an expert can detect. But, if you want to give your furnace a DIY inspection until then – here are some things to check out:

  • Examine exterior handlers – grass, fallen debris and other random objects can interfere with the operations of this component which helps your furnace run smoothly.
  • Check for leaks – leaks or pooling of water around the system can be an indication that you need furnace repairs.
  • Cleaning & replacing filters – cleaning should be done monthly and replace as needed.
  • Look for cracks – cracks and broken sealants around the furnace or AC system should be followed up with an industry professional.
  • What to inspect – ducts, blowers, coils and filters – look for obstructions or obvious signs of trouble.

Bring in the Big Guns

So now you have done the DIY inspection and know there are some areas of concern. Now it is time to let your trusted and dependable team of experts finish up the job. For the Long Island area, that is most certainly the [company_name] team.

So what should you consider when hiring a pro?

  • Check for licensing and insurance
  • Ask companies you are considering for feedback from their previous customers
  • Request written estimates
  • Ask people you know about who they used.

Don’t take chances when it comes to caring for your home. Trusting in someone who is not trained, certified or insured is never worth saving a few dollars. If something goes wrong they won’t even have insurance to cover it so you will be left paying out of pocket.

It’s not too late to get those furnace repairs taken care of in time for the trust start of winter.

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