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How To Tell if you Need a Long Island Furnace Replacement

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Furnaces require more maintenance than most other appliances in your home. They need tune-ups and repairs more frequently than anything else. All this maintenance can be difficult to keep up with. And lots of homeowners won’t call in a professional until they’ve noticed a major issue. The only way to to make sure your furnace lasts as long as possible is to have regular tune-ups and inspections. Our Long Island furnace specialists recommend you have an inspection at least once a year to catch any problems before they get out of hand.


Even if you have frequent repairs, tune-ups, and inspections, though, your furnace will eventually need to be replaced. Here are some signs to watch out for that may indicate it’s close to time to replace your furnace:


The Age of the Furnace


A furnace that’s kept in premium condition all its life will typically last around thirty years. If a furnace goes without repairs or maintenance for extended periods, it may only last ten or fifteen years.


If your furnace is around fifteen years old, you should start watching it more closely and considering a replacement. After the fifteen year mark, it could be ready to go any time. Make sure you pay extra attention to any signs so that you don’t wind up in an emergency situation. And never hesitate to call our Long Island furnace specialists for an inspection of the unit.


If you haven’t had work done on your furnace recently, you should also call us to have a professional inspection.


Increasing Energy Costs


If you’re not using your furnace more frequently or heavily but you’re seeing an increase in your heating bills, it may because of furnace inefficiency. All furnaces will become less efficient as they age, which can ending up costing you a lot. If the increases are high enough, it may worth it to replace the furnace. And as they get higher, it can signify that you don’t have long before a replacement will be necessary.


Set up an appointment with our Long Island furnace specialists and we’ll help you determine if there are repairs that can settle this issue. Often, a simple tune-up can get your energy costs back down. But if we can’t solve the problem, we can help you with a replacement furnace.


Build-up and Strange Sounds

Your furnace will give you some visual and auditory clues when it’s starting to pucker out. You may notice build-ups of soot and rust around the furnace. Or you may spot some moisture leaks. These can point to a furnace that’s in ill-repair. And depending on how bad it is, you could need simple repairs or a complete replacement. Call a professional immediately if you notice any of these signs.


Also listen for any strange sounds. Irregular buzzing or clicking sounds can be a bad sign. If there are very loud sounds, you could have clogs that may or may not be fixable. Our Long Island furnace specialists can help you decide the best option if you’ve noticed any of these signs.