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Lyons Air Conditioning and Heating is a local family owned Long Island HVAC contractor who provides the highest quality of repairs and installations when it comes to your heating and cooling systems. Our experts have been serving the Nassau County area for over 23 years and have the reputation of excellence. All of our professional technicians have the proper training and years of experience in all areas of the HVAC industry.

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Lyons Air Conditioning & Heating has been helping Levittown homeowners stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter since 1991. Whether you are in need of a new Levittown air conditioning system or you need your entire air duct system replaced, our professional, courteous Levittown HVAC technicians can help. Call us today for all your air duct needs.

Levittown Boiler Repair

Our expert Levittown HVAC contractors work hard to provide you with quality products and services which provide the best home comfort. Our years of experience and service means that you can depend on Lyons Air Conditioning & Heating for all your HVAC needs in Levittown. Our main goal is to provide you with best service and most reliable home comfort systems. We also offer:

  • Boiler Repair
  • Boiler Installation
  • Boiler Repairs
  • Steam Boiler
  • Heating Repair
  • Boilers
  • Gas Boilers
  • Gas Boiler
  • New Boiler
  • Water Boiler
  • Central Heating
  • HVAC Repair

Levittown Air Conditioner Repairs

It often happens that the air conditioner in the house is neglected until the day you notice no cool air coming from it. This is usually during the hot days of summer, when this machine is most needed. You then try to put the settings to the highest level hoping it will make the machine work better. However, this is to no avail. You then decide that the only thing left to do is seek help for Levittown air conditioning repairs.
This need not happen if you know some basic facts about air conditioners and how to properly maintain them. Let air conditioning repairs be done on the most complex of things, for example, if the system needs refrigerant because of low levels due to a leak. The detection of the leak and the handling of the refrigerant are best left to professionals.

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