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Garden City Heating and Air Conditioning Company

Garden city hvac company

Whatever type of heater or air conditioner that you use, it is probably your main source of comfort during the cold winters and hot summers. Without your heating system and your air conditioner unit, keeping your home comfortable all year long will be challenging. Lyons Air & Heating Inc. is the number one choice for Garden City Heating & Air Conditioning Repairs.

Since the year 1991, Lyons Air & Heating Inc. has been providing the Nassau County Area with excellent customer service. Our family-owned and operated Long Island HVAC business understands the importance of keeping your family happy and content all year long. Lyons Air & Heating Inc. is a community based company and strives to maintain a high standing among our customers.

Our heating and air conditioning technicians are trained and retrained in the latest heating and cooling technologies. Our professionals have years of training within all types of HVAC industries and can service any type of system. Lyons Air & Heating Inc. offers heating and cooling services to both residential customers and commercial customers.

Our technicians supply the highest quality repairs and installations in the area. Our company motto is “we sell the best, and we service the rest”. This means that we sell only the best in heating and air conditioning supplies, and we service every type of heating and cooling system.

Garden City Furnace Repairs & Heating Installation

Your heater’s number one job is keeping your family comfortable during the cold Garden City winters. It cannot do this job correctly if it is in need of repairs or hasn’t been properly maintained. The professionals at Lyons Air & Heating Inc. are a Garden City Furnace Repairs & Heating Installation company.
Lyons Air & Heating Inc. has been serving the Garden City area for more than 23 years now. Some of our heating services include furnace repairs, furnace installations, boiler repairs and installations, hot water heaters, and ductwork.

Your furnace is a major appliance within your home and plays a big role in keeping your family warm all winter long. The professionals at Lyons Air & Heating Inc. offer furnace repairs and furnace installations. Chances are you probably use either a gas furnace or an electric furnace. No matter what type of furnace you use, our trained professionals can repair it for you.

Installing a new furnace is too dangerous of a job to take on by yourself. The professionals at Lyons Air & Heating Inc. can handle it for you. They know what type and size of furnace will best suit your household needs.

You can count on the quality of work provided by our trained technicians to be long lasting and professionally done.

Garden City Air Conditioning

Having an air conditioner unit in your home used to be luxury. Now it is becoming more and more of a necessity if you want to keep your family cool all summer long. Lyons Air & Heating Inc. is a Garden City

Air Conditioning - Heating Repairs , NYalso. Our multi-talented professionals can fix any type of cooling system that you might have in your home or office building.

Some of the services that we provide include air conditioner repairs, air conditioner installations, ductless splits, and ductwork.

When it comes to repairing your air conditioning, our technicians can repair any type of make or model that you might have in your house or business.

If your air conditioner cannot be repaired, our professionals can install you a new system for a reasonable price. Our company supplies only the best products including Trane, Rheem, Comfort Air, Samsung and more.

Services We Provide in Garden City, New York

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