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5 Reasons To Get Air Conditioning Repairs

5 Reasons To Get Air Conditioning Repairs

Troubleshooting the air conditioning system in your Long Island home can be a time-consuming and frustrating task, but you can save time and effort by reaching out to a qualified air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company the instant you suspect a problem with your AC unit. Scheduling air conditioning repairs promptly could be the best decision you make as the warmer months of summer approach.

What's Wrong With Your AC System?

  • AC Won't Turn On - If your AC system won't turn on, several complications may be to blame, such as a turned-off internal switch, faulty thermostat, blown fuse, or tripped circuit breaker. Check to make sure that your thermostat is set to cool mode and to a temperature that is below the current room temperature. You can replace the fuse or reset the breaker if your fuse has blown or your circuit breaker has tripped.
  • AC Won't Turn Off - AC systems usually turn off when the temperature in homes reach the temperatures set on the thermostats, but if they don't, the source of the problem could be the thermostats or outdoor run relays. You can troubleshoot your thermostat by switching the unit into heat mode. If your AC system doesn't shut off, the thermostat may be broken or improperly wired. If your thermostat isn't the culprit, your air conditioning and commercial refrigeration technician can inspect the outdoor run relay to check for signs of welding that develops as a result of persistent electrical arcing.
  • Inadequate Airflow - Restricted airflow can be caused by closed vents, dirty air filters, blocked ductwork, and damaged fan motors, so check these components if the air circulation throughout your central air conditioning system is insufficient.
  • Condensation and Water Leaks - The regular operation of your air conditioning system produces condensation and moisture, particularly in humid conditions. Excess moisture can create a water leak at the base of your AC system's air handler if the plastic tubes are punctured, the condensate pump is damaged, or something is hindering the flow of water.
  • Insufficient Cooling - An AC system that isn't blowing enough cool air doesn't do you much good, so ensuring that your cooling system is operating effectively is crucial. Inadequate cooling can occur as a result of a worn-out compressor that isn't compressing refrigerant, so hire an air conditioning and commercial refrigeration contractor if you're experiencing this problem.

Reach Out to Our HVAC Experts

Keeping up with the annual maintenance of your air conditioning system can extend the life of your AC unit and prevent the need for frequent repairs. If your air conditioner is malfunctioning despite regular maintenance, contact Lyons Air Conditioning & Heating, an experienced air conditioning company, for air conditioning repairs in your Long Island home.

If you are looking for a Long Island HVAC expert, then please call 516-223-2414 or complete our online request form.